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Technical Note TN1183
QuickTime 4.0.3


QuickTime 4.0.3 can be described as a minimal-changes release that provides a number of miscellaneous bug fixes.

This Technote describes the changes made between the final release of QuickTime 4 and the update release of QuickTime 4.0.3.

 Updated: [Oct 5 1999]

QuickTime 4.0.3 Changes

Listed below are all the changes included in the QuickTime 4.0.3 release:

Mac & Windows Changes

  • Fast-start chapter tracks now enabled in QuickTime Player.
  • The QuickTime plug-in now shows the "Get QuickTime Pro" movie only once - the first time the plug-in is launched on a particular machine.
  • Incorporated QuickTime for Java 3.0.1 into the product.
  • New content providers added to the QuickTime Player favorites drawer.
  • The updater now correctly detects the need to update the installed software from version 4.0.1. Previously, a customer would have to run the installer in order to update their software, rather than simply running the updater to get the new pieces.
  • Corrected a problem where the streaming client would get out of synchronization immediately during live events, particularly when using QDesign packetizing.
  • Fixed a bug where the streaming client would crash under certain circumstances.

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Mac-only Changes

  • Fixed a bug in the Mac installer where the Cancel button would not work properly if there was no dialog currently showing.
  • Uninstalling QuickTime 4 on a Mac now correctly removes the QuickTime web browser plug-in.

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Windows-only Changes

  • In QuickTime 3, the NativePathNameToFSSpec function always returned noErr, even if the specified file did not exist. In QuickTime 4, we "fixed" this API to work as documented - i.e., to return the fnfErr error ("File not found") in that case. Once we realized that this made some products behave unpredictably, we decided to return NativePathNameToFSSpec to its previous behavior (and we'll change the documentation instead).
  • The full install was made the default for all .ini settings in the QuickTime for Windows installer.
  • Fixed a Windows bug which prevented opening movie files in a folder with a name ending in a particular two-byte character.
  • Fixed a bug having to do with handling of QuickTime VR for Windows media during calls to the PreRollMovie function.
  • Fixed a text encoding bug in the QuickTime music and effects areas where characters were being mapped incorrectly for some European languages.

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Determining Installed Version

As always, the way to determine which version of QuickTime is installed is to call the Macintosh Toolbox Gestalt function. Listing 1 shows a code snippet demonstrating how to check the version of QuickTime.

     /* check the version of QuickTime installed */
     long version;
     OSErr result;
     result = Gestalt(gestaltQuickTime,&version);
     if ((result == noErr) && (version >= 0x04038000))
              /* we have version 4.0.3! */

Listing 1

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Inside Macintosh: QuickTime

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Acrobat version of this Note (48K).


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