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Technical Note TN1014
Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Printing Extensions and Drivers Errata


This Technical Note discusses known errors and omissions in Inside Macintosh: QuickDraw GX Printing Extensions and Drivers .


  • Clarification of GXDoesPaperFitMessage Description, January 1996
  • Correction to GXRasterLineFeed Definition, February 1996
  • Correction to GXWriteStatusToDTPWindow Definition, January 1996
  • Correction to Figure 6-33: 'pdip' resource, January 1996
  • Correction to Index: GXGetJob Entry, January 1996

Important for all Apple Printing and Graphics Developers:

The information in this Technote is still relevant up to and including Mac OS 7.6 with QuickDraw GX 1.1.5. Beginning with the release of Mac OS 8.0, however, Apple plans to deliver a system which incorporates QuickDraw GX graphics and typography only. QuickDraw GX printer drivers and GX printing extensions will not be supported in Mac OS 8.0 or in future Mac OS releases. Apple's goal is to simplify the user experience of printing by unifying the Macintosh graphic and printing architectures and standardizing on the classic Printing Manager.

 [Feb 1 1996]

Chapter 4 - Printing Messages

Clarification of GXDoesPaperFit Message Description Page 4-61

The description of GXDoesPaperFit is incorrect. It should read:

QuickDraw GX sends the GXDoesPaperFit message to limit the number of paper-type names that appear in the Paper pop-up menu in the Input Trays and Paper Mismatch dialogs. It does NOT limit the number of paper-type names for the Page Setup dialog box. You can override the GXDoesPaperFit message to notify QuickDraw GX that a certain paper type does not work in the specified paper tray on your device.

Correction to Definition of GXRasterLineFeed Message Page 4-99

The line reading:

OSErr MyRasterLineFeed(short *lineFeedSize,Ptr buffer,
    unsigned long *bufferPos,gxRasterImageDataHdl imageData);

Should be corrected to read:

OSErr MyRasterLineFeed(long *lineFeedSize, Ptr buffer,
    unsigned long *bufferPos, gxRasterImageDataHdl imageDataHdl)

Correction to Definition of GXWriteStatusToDTPWindow Page 4-163

The line reading:

OSErr MyWriteStatusToDTPWindow (gxStatusRecord aStatusRecord,
    gxDisplayRecord aDisplayRecord);

should be corrected to read:

OSErr MyWriteStatusToDTPWindow (gxStatusRecord *aStatusRecord,
    gxDisplayRecord *aDisplayRecord);

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Chapter 6 - Printing Resources

Correction to Figure 6-33 Page 6-88, 'pdip' resource

Figure 6-33 shows the wrong value for the Render options field. It should be 4 bytes(long), not 2(short).

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Correction to GXGetJob function Entry Page IN-3

The index should reference pages 5-8 and 5-32 as the correct references.

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