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Technical Note DV540
Modem Q&As


This Technical Note contains a collection of archived Q&As relating to a specific topic--questions sent the Developer Support Center (DSC) along with answers from the DSC engineers. Current Q&As can be found on the Macintosh Technical Q&As web site.

[Dec 01 1992]

PowerBook FAX Modem and header line

Date Written: 2/18/92

Last reviewed: 6/14/93

I can't get the FAX header line to print on the top of pages FAXed from my PowerBook 170 FAX modem. The information is input in the Sender information box but never appears on the FAX document. The PowerBook FAX Modem User's Guide indicates that this capability exists. What gives?


The PowerBook FAX modem does not include any header in the FAXed page. It sends the Station ID, but the ID information is not included in the page data. It's the responsibility of the receiving machine to replace the beginning of the page data with the header information (generally overwriting the top 4 mm of the page). So it's normal for the header information not to print with some FAX machines.

Additionally, the smallest negotiable format in FAX is A4 (a European 12-inch page.) When an Apple FAX is sent to a Group 3 FAX machine, the FAX is sent graphically as a U.S. 11-inch formatted page, but because of Apple's imaging implementation the receiving FAX is still told that it is receiving an A4 page. On the PowerBook side, the FAX sends only the U.S. letter length, but some FAX machines add blank lines to fit with the A4 format. Some thermal FAX machines stop printing as soon as they do not receive any more data, some don't.

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