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SiliconExpress Files

This is version 3.01 of Charismac Anuibus, software to format disks attached to the SiliconExpress IV.
Version 3.0.4 of Transoft SCSI Director, ATTO version. Formats disks attached to SiliconExpress IV.
Final release version of SiliconExpress IV drivers and ROM updater.
You need this for your SiliconExpress

Beta version of 2.1 flashrom upgrade. Turn your SiliconExpress IV into a SCSIManager 4.3 SCSI card. Allows using any hard disk driver with SiliconExpress-attached disks; Notably, this allows using SoftRAID or RAID Toolkit.

Supposedly "not fully SCSI Manager 4.3 Compliant", but it has worked just fine for me and for several other users. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This is just a FlashROM updater program. Use with v1.65 drivers above.

Apparently this firmware update allows compatibility with Sonnet G3 upgrades for the NuBus PowerMacs, as reported by a member of the 68kMLA forums.

Older edition of SiliconExpress IV manual. I scanned it myself!
Newer edition of SiliconExpress IV manual. Prettier pictures and more-professional layout. Read 'em both!