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...to my little part of the vintage Mac lollernets. I created this page a few years ago as a home for a few quick notes that I had written about old Macs. Over time, those little notes have increased in number, and have been reorganized a few times; this is the latest attempt at making them easy to access.

You'll find what you're looking for behind the little navigation links above the Radius Rocket. Each "zone" is relatively small and focused. If you're bored and just reading, hit up the Big List for everything Mac-related on this site.

I also wrote a column for Low End Mac. It is called "Classic Restorations" and aimed for a twice-monthly publication schedule. Please check it out at http://www.lowendmac.com/sable/.

2011 update: I have all but vanished from the classic-Mac hobby in recent years, but have reworked this page a bit so it can continue to provide a valuable resource for as long as I am able to host it.

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Old Mac Mirrors
Mirrors of a few choice websites of interest to the older Macintosh hobbyist

Random Files
Uncollated files that may or not be of interest to the older Macintosh hobbyist

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68k Mac Liberation Army
Home Page of Gamba
the pickle's Low-End Mac FAQ

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